We are in the entertainment business. And if there’s one thing we all work hard for, it’s FUN. The work hard, play hard philosophy we live by is the same experience we want our customers to have every time they interact with our brand. From exciting TV shows to world-class poker events to online sports betting, poker and casino… We admittedly have a crazed obsession for finding the next big idea and having the most fun we can while we do it.

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We are populating our departments with people who have the courage to keep pushing the envelope. We want to work with people who make stuff happen. So if you thrive on challenges, if success is your own form of high octane fuel, then we have a place for you.

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For us to be able to continuously benefit from a global exchange of knowledge, Global Recruitment Manager, Jade Forlani spends most of her day hunting the world for smart, hard-working, and talented people who aspire to be part of something great..

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This is where clean-cut, glasses-wearing Clark Kents from around the world get to discover an alter ego that had been hiding in plain sight. And wouldn’t it be so cool to just emerge out of nowhere like a fully formed superstar? Well, Bodog Nation in Manila makes it happen for you.

A tropical megacity, Manila is more than a tourist destination. It is a living, breathing metropolis that offers opportunities not only for professional growth, but for character spelunking and cultural cliff-diving. It is a moment – not a scene, really, but a scene-stealer – that inspires hot metal fluency like a robust Bordeaux, not a boxed Franzia. It is a chance to step up and accomplish big things. And climbing big things is badass. Even Rocky Balboa knew it when he climbed those stairs.

So champion your career and work in the Philippines. Experience a better life. Live the life in Manila.

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<p>If you didn’t hang with the cool kids back in school, it doesn’t really matter. As it turns out, the outcasts of yesterday have become the success stories of today. Mark Zuckerberg ring a bell?</p>

<p>Geeks are finally enjoying their moment in the sun. And at Bodog Nation, we’re giving our cool geeks maximum exposure that’s more exciting than a World of Warcraft party.</p>

<p>They say that victory lies with the big guns. That’s why our arsenal is packed with business value-enhancing technologies like security solutions, data business continuity and disaster recovery, System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methods, and open source CMS, among others – which drive our IT infrastructure to the next level. All in the name of bringing our customers the best online gaming experience possible.</p>

<p>Real men defeat dark wizards. So if you want to be in the frontlines of all things wired, and you take your coffee with a dash of protected abstract virtual base pure virtual private destructor, then suit up and follow all the other boys to our yard. Let’s battle dark wizards and C++. </p>